PIER Public Lecture Series: ‘A Perfect Storm’ Supporting Victims/Survivors of domestic abuse through the Pandemic

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24 February 2021, 17:30

Join us via Teams Live for our fourth FREE webinar of the PIER Public Lecture Series on ‘Crime and Policing in a Pandemic’ to hear Jacqui Kilburn, Women’s Aid National Training Centre Manager speak on: ‘A Perfect Storm’ Supporting Victims/Survivors of domestic abuse through the Pandemic.

Jacqui will be looking at the understanding of coercion and control and the increase of its use during the Pandemic, drawing on the most recent piece of Women’s Aid research ‘A Perfect Storm’ and sharing survivors experiences of living with an abuser during lockdown. Jacqui will also look at new horizons within the 7 parts of the new Domestic Abuse Bill. Jacqui manages the National Training Centre at Women's Aid and is a qualified teacher, trainer and assessor. Jacqui's career for almost 30 years had been at the operational level in direct Women's Aid services. Jacqui was also key in the creation of a new multi-agency team, encompassing a Specialist DA Police Unit, Children's Social Workers, Housing Officers, Health Practitioners and Specialist Support workers, which she went on to manage in Hull. Jacqui is an associate trainer for the College of Policing and is also qualified to chair Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Blue lights on top of a police car.
Blue light on top of a police vehicle.

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