Festival of Performance - After Party (1)

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1 June 2021, 16:00

A murder mystery play about a group of Uni friends trying to piece together the events of a houseparty which led to their friend’s death. Part one shows the “AFTER”, as the characters discover a death has taken place and work to uncover who is responsible. Part 2 presents the “PARTY” that unfolded earlier that same night which led to this mysterious death.

' "Charlie's in there...Charlie's dead in the bathtub"

After Party is a dark, (with sprinklings of humour), murder mystery audio play, about a friendship group of mismatched university students in Coventry, who discover the lifeless body of their friend, Charlie, in the bathtub the morning after a night of drink, drugs, drama, disorientation and disconcertion. Split into two acts, respectively labelled “After” and “Party”, Act One (After) shows the group frantically trying to piece together the events of the night before, made difficult as we do not know who has a vested interest to lie, whilst Act Two (Party) is a flashback showing the true nature of the night’s events. To achieve the full immersive effect After Party is best experienced using headphones, We recommend that this play is to be viewed by persons aged 16 and over, due to adult themes and bad language.

"I think we all need to sit down and discuss the events of last night, if anyone saw anything, or if anyone has anything to...admit to?" '

A student being spotlighted performing on stage.
After Party promotional poster.

Event contact: rh862@student.aru.ac.uk

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