AHSS Lunchtime Research Seminar - Creative Communication and Technology Assisted Learning with Prof Rob Toulson

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21 April 2021, 12:30

Creative Communication and Technology Assisted Learning

Learning and education in the creative industries has changed considerably in recent years, owing to ongoing evolution of creative technologies, the Internet, real-time conferencing platforms and mobile applications. The education opportunities enabled by these technologies are, to date, still under-exploited, yet the demand and need for technology-assisted learning tools is growing rapidly. Whilst established platforms allow learners more access than ever before to knowledge, information and data, the role of the teacher is challenged and diminished through initiatives towards online learning and remote education. Guided experimentation, bespoke approaches per student, and critical evaluations based on timely feedback are essential to develop deep learning, subject expertise and skilled autonomy. Yet, current learning platforms do not easily enable the ability to offer close one-to-one guidance and bespoke feedback to learners, and it is evident that more intelligent and interactive learning tools can offer substantial benefits for online, remote and self-guided education. In this talk, Professor Rob Toulson will discuss his recent R&D work as a mobile app developer, focusing on creating technology-assisted learning tools for musicians and with relevance to other creative fields also. 

Professor Rob Toulson is Director of RT60 Ltd. He was previously Professor of Creative Industries at University of Westminster and Director of the CoDE Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University. His first degree is in mechanical engineering and his doctorate in acoustics analysis; he nowadays specialises in audio signal processing and mobile application design. Rob is also a successful musician and music producer, and an internationally recognised educator in the fields of audio and music technology. He is inventor of the disruptive drummer applications iDrumTune Pro and Drummer ITP, which have both charted as number one iPhone music apps in over 70 countries.

A headshot of Professor Rob Toulson
A headshot of Professor Rob Toulson.

Event contact: jorg.fachner@aru.ac.uk

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