AHSS Lunchtime Research Webinar - Fiction, facture and bloody violence: Descriptized narration in 19th-C. paintings, Dr. Nina Lubbren

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17 November 2021, 12:30

Literary scholars identify description as constituting a narrative 'pause' (Gérard Genette), and art historians contend that there is an opposition between description and narration (Svetlana Alpers). I argue that the dichotomy of narration and description is misleading when it comes to nineteenth-century narrative paintings.  These paintings narrate by means of describing; in them, narration is always descriptive narration. I will elaborate on this with regards to selected paintings from Scotland, France and Germany.  I'll proceed from visual analyses to a discussion of reception, focusing on the parallels between visual description in novels and in art reviews.  I conclude with a look at pigment, decoration, time and blood in Henri Regnault's brilliant painting, Execution without Trial (1870). 

Dr Nina Lübbren is Associate Professor in Art History and Film.  She studied art history and Italian in Heidelberg, Berlin, Berkeley and Leeds.  She's been teaching at Anglia Ruskin and its predecessor institutions since 1995.  She is the author of Rural Artists' Colonies in Europe, 1870-1900, and the editor of Narrative in French Painting, and of Visual Culture and Tourism.  Her book Narrative Painting in Europe, 1830-1895, will be published by Manchester University Press next year. 

We are looking forward to meeting you on the 17th of November.

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