Fine Art Research Unit (FARU) Talk: AA2A Artists Amy Wilson & Iris Athanasiadi, Projects Update

Events — Public Talk COS 124 & Microsoft Teams
9 February 2022, 14:00

AA2A Artists Amy Wilson and Iris Athanasiadi will give us an update on their projects with a focus on the new Futures Lab at ARU.

During the AA2A residency, Amy Wilson has been working with 3D scans she collected of taxi-dermied domestic animals; she created the 3D scans, using photogrammetry, during research visits at the Grant Museum of Zoology and the Horniman Museum. Amy has been using the Futures Lab and 3D Workshops to investigate the relationship between 3D scanning, slip casting and taxidermy; these three techniques/technologies allow you to map the surface, or ‘skin’, of an object rather than its mass. In many ways photogrammetry is a kind of digital taxidermy. Using these interrelated processes, she has been working to transform these scientific objects into domestic ceramics, mirroring their public/domestic nature.

Iris Athanasiadi's creative process involves sketching, 3d design, model making, and movement; a combination of movement and architecture allows her to place the body in the centre of the work, and highlight its qualities through design. The installation that she is currently working on has evolved in ways in which she didn't expect; using the Futures Lab and 3d workshop, she had the chance to 3d print parts of her design, and then investigate their physical attributes. Through this process, the digital aspect of the work is always in conversation with the physical, and the body's role in it remains central. She is now exploring the tactile side of the design, through the use of different materials and textures.

Photograph of works by AA2A Artists Amy Wilson & Iris Athanasiadi.
Photograph of works by AA2A Artists Amy Wilson & Iris Athanasiadi.

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