Author Talk and Q&A with Gareth L Powell

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9 March 2021, 18:00

We see fiction authors across media, but what are their working lives like? How do they balance fiction writing and non-fiction writing? How do they navigate social media to their benefit--and even for the benefit of others?

Join award-winning author Gareth L Powell for a talk about being a hybrid author (one who publishes both traditionally and through self-publishing outlets), writing in more than one genre, and how he uses social media for good and not evil (well, for marketing and PR!). Whether you're interested in the literary world, in being a writer, or in working in publishing, this behind-the-scenes look at a prolific writer's life is sure to help put things in perspective.

A headshot photo of author Gareth L Powell
A headshot photo of author Gareth L Powell

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