BA Fine Art 3rd Year Interim Exhibition - 'Intermission'

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11 March 2021, 19:00

The ‘calm before the storm’ is commonly used in expectation of times of change; the slow intake of breath before the plunge into uncertainty. For the artists featured in Intermission, this phrase has acute relevance for this precise moment. In this penultimate exhibition, that breath is drawn in, and held, in anticipation of an uncertain future.

These artworks are also like intakes of breath, momentary pauses in the ongoing creative paths that will eventually culminate in a final degree showcase. They are a testament to the individual and collective ingenuity and resilience of a group of artists, who during a global pandemic, have had to reflect on themselves and their own work in order to continue to thrive.

Many of the artists have turned to experimentation with different techniques and materials, several towards working with digital media, a poignant symbol of these unprecedented times.

Despite the challenges, they have all been forward-thinking and quick to adapt to a rapidly changing world, refining their practices in innovative ways, whilst at the same time bracing themselves for whatever the future holds.

Interim Exhibition Poster
Interim Exhibition Poster

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