Cambridge-Szeged Society online talk: Mátyás Seiber and Lilla Bauer: Remarkable Parents and their Circles

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10 February 2021, 18:30
Hand raised in the audience of a public talk.
Hand raised in the audience of a public talk.

Mátyás Seiber and Lilla Bauer: Remarkable Parents & their Circles. 

Like many of their generation, Mátyás & Lilla said very little of their World War experiences, and Mátyás nothing about his childhood.  Much has been written about his contribution to C20th music & teaching of composition by others better qualified than me.    

He was killed when I was 11, so much of what I know now had to be pieced together from elsewhere, and material now in the Seiber archive in the British Library and at Morley College. 

Lilla’s contribution to Modern Dance at Goldsmiths College, in the UK, I was more aware of, but she also had a colourful earlier life.  

Mátyás was part of the vibrant Music arenas in Hungary, Berlin, Frankfurt - as first Professor of Jazz, before London.  Lilla was in Budapest, Essen & Dartington with the Modern Ballet Joöss.  Finally, they married in London in 1946, arriving there in 1935/38. 

Their connections with others in the Arts world were fascinating to unravel and new matters continue to emerge even since talks given in 2019 for the Laban Institute & Insiders Outsiders. 

The 115th Anniversary of Matyas’ birth (& 60th of his death) were to be marked in England and in Germany – but Covid 19 thought otherwise. The Royal College of Music did have some wonderful events in November.   

My YouTube channel is where longer clips of Seiber music can be found and was created in compensation for the cancellation of other events.  

In my talk shall concentrate on the anecdotes you might not find elsewhere, and other aspects of my voyage of discovery.  

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