Commission Projects: On Commissioning Public Art

Events — Special Lecture Microsoft Teams
17 February 2021, 10:15

Commission Projects is a visual arts consultancy specialising in developing and delivering outstanding public art projects that define places and involve people. They specialise in providing an accessible and flexible service that combines expert advice with practical support in developing strategies and projects that range from major urban regeneration schemes to neighbourhood projects. They offer a range of professional, expert and accessible consultancy and project management services, working with commissioners to deliver art projects from the development of the initial concept through to completion. The talk will cover: 

• Background to public art – and a range of public art projects that CP have developed and delivered as a visual arts consultancy.

• Process –how public art, particularly the type of projects CP works on, fits within the wider planning processes – touching on timescales, planning aspects etc

• Selection – public art commissioning artist selection processes, submitting material, addressing the artist brief, artistic decisions and the client’s needs etc.


Within these areas, they will discuss different methods involved and what advice they can offer around this.

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