Contemporary Hungarian Social Photography

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16 June 2021, 18:30

Talk by the Hungarian photographer and academic Bea Kolozsi on changes in the concept of social photography - as a branch of documentary photography - through its development, short history and genre characteristics, with a special focus on its role in contemporary Hungarian photography. Organised by the Cambridge Szeged Society.

Speaker bio

Bea Kolozsi (b. 1973 Gyula, Hungary) graduated from the Department of Visual Communication in MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Arts) in 1999. Among her teachers were such significant figures of the Hungarian art scene as Imre Benkő, Miklós Gulyás, Tibor Zátonyi, and Tibor Miltényi.

In 2000 she graduated from the Department of Education at the same university with a degree in Visual and Environmental Culture. Bea has taught in various art education institutions in Hungary since then. She became a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers in 2012 and joined RANDOM–a Hungarian association of contemporary photographers–in 2013.

Since 1998, Bea’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally (in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, and Italy). Her major solo exhibitions: “Somewhere in Europe” (Stadtfoyer Gallery, Darmstadt, Germany, 1998) “There and Then” (House of Hungarian Photographers, Budapest, 1999 and Trafo Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2001) “Texts Lost & Found” (Random Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2014) “Interior Landscapes” (Ybl Buda Creative House, Budapest, Hungary, 2020)

Currently, Bea works as a freelance creative photographer and a lecturer, teaching primarily History of Photography, Art History, and Documentary Photography.

Headshot photo of Bea Kolozsi.
Headshot photo of Bea Kolozsi.

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