CSCI Research Series Seminar: Film Frames and Musical Notes – Neil Henderson and Paul Rhys

Events — Research Event Recital Hall (Hel 029)
7 April 2022, 14:00

Neil Henderson has made experimental cinema works including multi-screen pieces, for up to 100 hundred Super-8 projectors, and various series of single-screen films that have explored distinctive photochemical processes, landscape imagery of the Lincolnshire fens and the Kent coast, and a collaboration with the saxophonist Evan Parker. His films have been shown in film festivals, museums and art galleries worldwide.

For this research seminar presentation Neil will be showing a reconfigured version of new work that explores the unique capacity of analogue film to document and represent indices of light and time.

Neil Henderson is Deputy Head of Film and Media. Paul Rhys is a composer and conductor whose music uses computers and traditional instruments. His music has been performed internationally and broadcast on national radio and recorded on CD. Recent works include two pieces composed in 19-note equal temperament and a dialogue for alto recorder and birdsong. He has also recently developed software for composition using granular synthesis organised as fractal micropolyphony.

For this event Paul will be discussing recent compositions using 19 notes to the octave and explain how they are performed by computer-controlled keyboard, by singers and by the Chinese guzheng. Paul Rhys is Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Music.

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A lit candle.

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