Fine Art Research Unit (FARU) Artist Talk: Jennet Thomas- The Unspeakable Freedom Device

Events — Public Talk Microsoft Teams
10 March 2021, 14:00

Jennet Thomas makes films, performances and installations exploring the connections between the everyday, fantasy and ideology, experimenting with collective constructions of meaning. Often darkly comic, her films tell warped folk-tale narratives that mix elements of the banal and the bizarre. Emerging from the anarchistic, experimental culture of London’s film/live art scene in the 1990’s, her work often shows as large-scale sculptural installations that physically surround the film, sometimes incorporating live performers.

Jennet will be talking about her recent work including 'The Unspeakable Freedom Device' a darkly comic film set in a future-primitive world, where Margaret Thatcher is worshipped as an ancient goddess. She will also talk about her series of videos 'Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded'; visionary fever dreams that explore the possibilities for artistic resistance to the corporatisation of forms of life, both animal and human. She will tell you about how she makes her work, and discuss the politics of aesthetics and her involvement with the street art protests of Extinction Rebellion

The Unspeakable Freedom Device- (2015) Red Woman Film Still
The Unspeakable Freedom Device- (2015) Red Woman Film Still

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