Visual Research Practices Lunch Lecture: Flavia Zorrilla Drago- On Horror and Picture Books.

Events — Public Talk Microsoft Teams
23 November 2021, 13:00

We are delighted to introduce the author-illustrator Flavia Zorrilla Drago for our 5th online Visual Research Practices Lunch Lecture. All welcome.

Flavia was born and raised in Mexico City. She started her career as a graphical designer engaged in a commercial practice, but a change in her career came when she graduated from the Children's Book Illustration MA at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where she is now doing a PhD on horror and picture books, as well as working on a series of books with monsters as main characters.

In this presentation Flavia will talk about what drives her work, the processes of practice-based research and how this allows her not only to develop her books and illustration, but also explore the nature of horror.

Visit Flavia's website. 

A headshot photo of Flavia Zorrilla Drago.
A headshot photo of Flavia Zorrilla Drago.

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