Freelancing Editing for Beginners with Jonathan Oliver

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9 March 2022, 18:00

In 2020, just as the pandemic hit, Jonathan Oliver left the cosy world of the office to go freelance. After close to twenty years' experience in the world of publishing, including academic, fiction, and non-fiction, Jonathan was slightly wary of whether it would all work out. Now, two years in, and busy as ever, Jonathan is enjoying working with, and supporting, fiction writers from beginners to big names.

Join Jonathan as he gives you an insight into what it's like to be a freelance editor - from the nuts and bolts basics such as accounting, website maintenance, and setting rates, to what to do about difficult clients and how to make sure your schedule doesn't eat your life. Jonathan will be open to questions throughout the presentation and will also provide you with the opportunity to do your own bit of editing.

Jonathan Oliver is an award winning editor working predominantly in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. He was the former Editor-in-Chief for Solaris and Abaddon Books and has worked in a variety of fields including academic publishing, commercial fiction, graphic novels, and non-fiction. He is the author of the collection The Language of Beasts and spends his free time, when he's not editing books, reading them.

A photo of a keyboard, pen and notepad. Jess Bailey - Unsplash.
A photo of a keyboard, pen and notepad. Jess Bailey - Unsplash.

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