PIER Public Lecture Series 2020-21: Global to Local: Adapting to the changing terrorist threat

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26 January 2022, 17:30

'Global to Local: Adapting to the changing terrorist threat’

Matt Jukes joined the Metropolitan Police Service in November 2020 as an Assistant Commissioner.  As interim Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations (ACSO) in the Metropolitan Police Service, he is the senior officer in charge of Counter-Terrorism Policing in the UK. As ACSO, Matt represents CT Policing in its engagement with Government on operational and policy issues associated with tackling terrorism and Counter State Threats.  The portfolio also includes responsibility for the investigation of War Crimes, Official Secrets Act offences and the protection of VIPs, Royals, Embassies and Parliament.

Matt Jukes started his policing career in South Yorkshire Police in 1995. He worked for the forerunner of the National Counter Terrorism Policing network and represented United Kingdom policing at G8 meetings in the United States in 2004. In 2006 Matt returned to local policing as a divisional Chief Superintendent in the former coalfields and industrial areas of South Yorkshire.

He joined South Wales Police as an Assistant Chief Constable in 2010 where he led the latest phase of the Force’s response to three miscarriage of justice cases from the 1980s and 90s, including the ‘Cardiff 3’ case.

Matt was appointed Deputy Chief Constable in August 2013 and Chief Constable in January 2018. As Chief Constable, Matt ensured that South Wales Police continued to be a pioneer in the ethical use of technology, most prominently in the ground breaking use of Automatic Facial Recognition. Nationally he had responsibility for the Mercury (digital capabilities) Programme in National Counter Terrorism Policing.

Global to Local: Adapting to the changing terrorist threat
Global to Local: Adapting to the changing terrorist threat

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