Fine Art Research Unit Talk : International Framework for Copyright in Visual Art - art and copyright

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24 November 2021, 14:00

This talk will address the origins and rationale of intellectual property law, and copyright in particular. Looking at international harmonisation and reciprocal enforcement via the Berne Convention (1886) for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the talk will consider current international and national copyright frameworks, worldwide. As well as the classification of original visual art forms, areas under discussion include: automatic ownership, duration, transfer of ownership, licensing of use and income generation. Uses permitted by law, originality and case studies within the visual arts will be important considerations. The questions addressed include: What is intellectual property and what is copyright? Is national copyright enforceable internationally? And what visual art forms are protected by copyright?

With a commitment to the visual arts since being called to the English Bar, Henry Lydiate founded the international art business consultancy The Henry Lydiate Partnership LLP whose clients include artists, artists’ estates, collectors, agents & dealers, art fairs, auction houses, foundations, and public-facing art institutions. He is a scholar-practitioner: a former Visiting Professor in Art Law, University of the Arts London, and currently designing and delivering international legal and art business modules for Sotheby’s Institute of Art London, and Southwestern Law School Los Angeles where he is Adjunct Professor in International Art Law.

Raimondi’s engraving of Raphael’s Judgement Of Paris, c.1510/20
Raimondi’s engraving of Raphael’s Judgement Of Paris, c.1510/20

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