HSS Research Seminar: ‘Areas of Opportunity’: An evidence-based resource allocation method identifying youth populations at risk of entry into the criminal justice system.

Events — Talk Helmore 201 & Microsoft Teams
23 October 2023, 17:00

Research seminar delivered by Paul Heselwood, a PhD student in Criminology and Policing. In this talk, Paul will discuss the use of evidence-based resource allocation methods to identify youth populations at risk of entry into the criminal justice system,

Paul's mixed methodology study seeks to identify factors that can identify children before they make contact with the criminal justice system across five themes – financial, education, family, health and crime. His work proposes that these factors can be mapped using open-source data and then analysed to identify ‘Areas of Opportunity’ (a derivation of HotSpot policing). This approach would allow for resources (social services, policing, local authorities, charities) to be allocated appropriately.

Refreshments will be served from 4.30pm.

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Event contact: Jeannette Baxter and Melanie Bell: HSSresearch@aru.ac.uk