HSS Research Seminar: Education and Pedagogy

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1 December 2021, 12:00

We have some great talks from one of our postgraduate researchers and members of the ‘Seeing Myself’ project within HSS.

The Seeing Myself Inclusivity Project 

David Jay, School LTA Lead, HSS 

Karen Sturt, Faculty Student Engagement Manager 

Jasmine King, Seeing Myself Student Project Co-ordinator 

In this talk, the project team will share their experience of delivering the Seeing Myself project, based on the principle that diverse curricula, and access to role models, provide a more inclusive educational experience. We’ll reflect on the two interrelated project strands: a curriculum diversification initiative where students and staff co-created an online resource bank, and a student-led programme of workshops and events related to ‘B.A.M.E.’ identity. 


The first year English journeys of students at an EMI university in Hong Kong  

Andrew Jarvis (Postgraduate Researcher, HSS) 

English medium instruction (EMI) holds many challenges for students in non-Anglophone contexts. In this talk, I will focus on the tensions that my participants experienced with English as they journeyed across their first year at an EMI university. The study was conducted in Hong Kong with 10 undergraduates who were admitted into the university with the minimum language proficiency requirement. My presentation will draw attention to the linguistic and affective tensions the participants experienced as they endeavoured to engage in their studies and assert their place in the university 

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Event contact: william.tullett@aru.ac.uk