'Seeing Myself' in conversation with Jemima Willcox

Events — Talk LAB 006, ARU Cambridge, CB1 1PT
9 March 2023, 12:00

‘She’s Wired Differently; Adventures of a neurospicy entrepreneur.’

The AHSS 'Seeing Myself' events are part of the wider Faculty EDI activity, and are student co-created events with role model guest talks by ARU Alumni and staff.

This upcoming talk will focus on Neurodiversity and we look forward to entrepeneur Jemima Willcox leading us through her journey from student to founder of two compnanies.

Refreshments provided, all welcome.

Jemima Willcox Bio

Jemima is a professional content creator with a background in portrait photography, marketing, and social media. She is the founder of two companies: The Willcox Collective and Jemima Willcox Photography. These have been going strong now for six years.

Jemima and her team create photography and videography for commercial clients and entrepreneurs across the UK that show the personality of their companies, help them scale their businesses, and develop their brand presence.

Jemima has been published nationally and internationally numerous times, she’s a self-published author, and public speaker and she has appeared on national TV and radio talking about her work.

Jemima is a proud alumni from The Cambridge School Of Art and diagnosed with dyslexia whilst studying at Anglia Ruskin.

She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. She personally champions women in Tech, STEM and focuses her spare time to raise the profile of neurodivergent entrepreneurs and underrepresented minorities. Her personal motto is Collaboration over competition.

A headshot photo of Jemima Willcox
'Seeing Myself' in conversation with Jemima Willcox

Event contact:  beatriz.ines@aru.ac.uk

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