'Seeing Myself' in conversation with Jamie Thistlethwaite, BA Film & Television Production Alumnus

Events — Talk LAB 109, ARU Cambridge, CB1 1PT
7 December 2022, 17:30

Starting with a focus on LGBTQ+ and mental health, AHSS Alumnus, Jamie Thistlethwaite, (BA Film & Television Production, 2013) will talk us through his journey, from ARU student to where he is now in his career as an award-winning photographer.

The event is student-led and will be introduced by SU LGBT+ Rep (BA Illustration & Animation student) Paige Palframan, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the Q&A.

The talk is followed by a Creative Discussion Workshop (no skills needed!), on the theme of Terminology and what words mean to us, led by Paige, and Jo Bunkle (SU Rep Coordinator and LGBT+ campaigner).

Refreshments will be served. Join us for an exciting evening, the event is for students and staff - all Welcome! - You can attend either or both parts of the event,

Event contact:  beatriz.ines@aru.ac.uk

'Seeing Myself' in conversation with Jamie Thistlethwaite
'Seeing Myself' in conversation with Jamie Thistlethwaite

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