Installation 7 : Live Theatre And Jam’lyyar Bukin

Events — Exhibition Ruskin Gallery, ARU Cambridge, East Road, CB1 1PT
20 January 2022, 17:00 — 28 January 2022, 17:00
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Live Theatre And Jam’lyyar Bukin : Explosive, Polychromatic Performance is the last in the set of seven art Installations located around Cambridgeshire.  These installations are the practice-based research of Montgomerie House’s PhD in Fashion Design at Cambridge School of Art and her thesis addresses, “How the Hausa Wrapper cloth can be used as a multifunctional fashion zero waste textile in a global interconnected world.” The Hausa are a nomadic West African tribe, and a wrapper is a two yard piece of cloth typically wrapped around the body and worn as a garment in West Africa.  Her interest in the Hausa and their ensembles began while living and working in Northern Nigeria as a Head of Department at a Government Secondary School.

Installation 7 will run from 20  January to 28 January 2022 with the private view on 20 January at 5pm in the Ruskin Gallery. 

It will incorporate multimedia art from textiles (multifunctional wrapper cloths displayed on bodies, walls, floor, windows), photography (fashion/portrait/theatrical), poetical text (on wrapper cloth/paper/wood), performance art (story telling/singing/dance/music) drawing and painting (on cloth, paper, canvas, and wood). The private view will show a significant performative aspect and will include other ARU students using music, song and dance.

Installation 7 will be atypical / unusual with the intention to bring ‘otherness’ and will be the first solo ARU Fashion PhD Installation to be showcased within the gallery space.  

Doctoral Candidate, Cambridge School of Art,

Mary Jane Montgomerie House

Installation 7 : Live Theatre And Jam’lyyar Bukin
Installation 7 : Live Theatre And Jam’lyyar Bukin

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