CIMTR Public Lecture Series: Integrating Neuroscience Knowledge to Support Music Interventions with Neurologically Vulnerable Children

Events — Online Webinar ZOOM
17 October 2022, 17:30

Music is a rich auditory stimulus that can be utilised to address the multiply complex rehabilitative needs of individuals who sustain a severe acquired brain injury (ABI). Neuroscientific evidence describing music processing in adults continues to exponentially expand. However, the brain of a child not just a small adult brain, and adult theories are not immediately translatable to children. An ABI during the formative childhood years results in an immediate and often devastating interruption to the developmental and functional trajectory.

The purpose of this presentation is to increase our understanding of musical processing in children to support the safe and effective use of targeted music therapy intervention with children following a severe acquired brain injury (ABI).

The Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre pictured from outside.
Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre, Young Street.

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