Fine Art 3rd Year Interim Show - Mid Point

Events — Art Exhibition LAB Mezzanine / Ruskin Corridor / Ruskin Basement / Annex Installation Rooms, Anglia Ruskin University campus, Cambridge.
15 February 2023, 10:00 — 8 March 2023, 17:00
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The Third Year BA Fine Art students at Cambridge School of Art present their penultimate group exhibition - Midpoint.

It is Cambridge School of Art’s role to act as a melting pot for our unique, and diverse artistic languages, intentions, and approaches, which have been explored over the last three years of experimentation and conversation. Midpoint marks a seminal moment of this continuing process of development – the midpoint of our individual identities as artists, intricately woven together in this exhibition.

Though sometimes our individual practices may appear formally or conceptually distinct, we have discovered some wonderful overlaps throughout our time together – in particular, our consistent and enthusiastic rejection of the “white cube” exhibition space. By spreading our work over several locations on campus, we have been able to highlight our communal strength in creating site specific and site responsive pieces. We have explored this notion thoroughly through our mindful curation, allowing us to challenge the preconceptions of our audience and their role as viewers/participants and active relationship with the work. As our time together draws to an end, we have relished this opportunity to work collaboratively for Midpoint.

The private view will be shared with the MA Children’s Book Illustration exhibition in the Ruskin Gallery on Thursday the 23rd of February from 5pm. Everyone welcome.

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Fine Art 3rd Year Interim Show - Mid Point

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