CIMTR Roundtable: Music therapy and treatment of substance use disorders - current research and practice

Events — Online Webinar ZOOM
25 April 2022, 17:30

This roundtable brings together different perspectives on music therapy (MT) and music based interventions (MBI) treating substance use disorders (SUD). SUD is an increasing societal problem and current reviews on MT and MBIs for SUD have shown an inconclusive picture, although reduction of craving, depression and anxiety symptoms are among the outcomes reported. Music seems to act on memory and emotion, which seems to be of importance treating SUD. A considerable amount of research was conducted in detoxification and short-term rehabilitation settings, and there is a need for further research, especially into outpatients settings.

The Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre pictured from outside.
Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre, Young Street.

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