Online Talk by Dr Zita Turi on The Representation of Wales in Antal Szerb's "The Pendragon Legend"

Events — Online via Microsoft Teams
3 April 2024, 18:30

Join us for this online talk by Dr. Zita Turi from Károli Gáspár University in Budapest, Hungary, as a part of the Cambridge Szeged Society Programme.

In his 1934 novel The Pendragon Legend, Antal Szerb combines several narrative techniques to create a work which fuses occultism with science, history with bogus history, and dreams with reality. To achieve this, he set the novel in Wales. Although readers in Hungary would have been familiar with “The Bards of Wales” (“A walesi bárdok”) by János Arany, the Welsh backdrop in the book also reveals a great deal of misunderstanding regarding the countries that comprise the United Kingdom.

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Poster of Talk on The Pendragon Legend

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