Performing Activism: Re-claim, Re-shape, Re-make

Events — Dance Recital Hall, Helmore 029, ARU Cambridge, CB1 1PT
1 April 2023, 16:00

Exploring embodied forms of protest and resistance, this dance and movement choir workshop presents a study of movement and the body as agents for social change.

Resistance and protest can come in many different shapes and forms. The idea is to make seen what is deemed to be invisible to others by underlining it performatively. This way what can become disposable for others can be brought to attention in order to be shaped in meaningful forms. In the end, what persists for some can be exchanged with others by being shared within the space of the performance. The result is having these reclaimed by society in performing activism through the body.

This event consists of a dance workshop for the performers (open to audience), a performance created from independent material from professional and community artists and a movement choir (open to anyone to take part).

Facilitated by Eva Aymami Rene, dancer, choreographer and lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University; and Naz Yeni, theatre-maker, movement practitioner, academic researcher and a drama teacher.

You can take part in all or part of the event by selecting the different components when booking.

Performing Activism: Re-claim, Re-shape, Re-make
Performing Activism: Re-claim, Re-shape, Re-make

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