Cambridge School of Art - PGR Forum - Ofri Cnaani- Active Residues, performance-data-matter After the Museum

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14 June 2021, 13:30

Ofri Cnaani presents her ongoing PhD interdisciplinary creative research by focusing on her practice-theory co-production methodology called ‘Active Residue’.

Ofri states: ‘My research uses performance, media, and algorithmic studies to speculate on a set of technics, modalities, and practices for the post-museum era, a distinct period of rapidly changing world orders. The work uses a case study, as well as artistic practices, to inquire what happens when museums, relics of a dying system, are no longer main drivers for cultural production as they close down, burn up, or, simply transform.

Active Residue is a practice-theory co-production. As such, it aims to make the practice-theory dilemma public. Within it, I think ‘with performance’ and seek to develop a language that redefines a series of embodied partialities, and explores a new space of performance-data-matter. I use the digital remains to observe the ever-growing sense of hybrid spatiality and to offer methodologies for collective navigation under the conditions of algorithmic rationality’ . 

Speaker Bio

Ofri Cnaani is a PhD researcher and Associate Lecturer at the Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths, UoL. Ofri Cnaani is an artist and educator, currently living in London. She works in time-based media, performances, and installations. She is currently a Ph.D. researcher and an associate lecturer at the Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths, University of London. Cnaani’s work has appeared at Venice's Architecture BiTate Britain, UK; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; Inhotim Institute, Brazil; Israel Museum; Amos Rex Museum, Helsink; Kiasma Museum, Helsinki; PS1/MoMA, NYC; BMW Guggenheim Lab, NYC; The Fisher Museum of Art, L.A.; Twister, Network of Lombardy Contemporary Art Museums, Italy; Herzliya Museum of Art, Israel; Moscow Biennial; The Kitchen, NYC; Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Arnolfini Foundation Museum, Bristol; Tel Aviv Museum; Prague Triennial, among others. She is currently showing at Venice's Architecture Biennale, Austerian Pavillion. Prior to her recent move to London, Cnaani was based in New York City, where she was a faculty at the School of Visual Arts’s Visual and Critical Studies. At SVA she also ran the 'City as Site: Performance + Social interventions' program. In 2016 she co-founded, with Roxana Fabius, the ‘Unforgettables Reading/Working Group’ at A.I.R Gallery, NYC. image credits: Ofri Cnaani, 'Leaking Lands video still from a video installation 2021

The Cambridge School of Art PGR Forum series aims at opening up the conversation about creative practice research methodologies: how these rise from practice, are applied, and/or lead to interdisciplinary approaches. Through examples of research projects the sessions will ask questions, give new ideas, or highlight problematic instances of the research journey.

OC Leaking Land
Ofri Cnaani - Leaking Land

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