Cambridge School of Art - PGR Forum - on diagrams and other forms of research visualization

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25 January 2021, 13:30

Join a conversation on ways in which we represent and or visualise research. Particularly, in the context of creative research, these might become the work itself in a metalinguistic fashion.

Joshua Leon (PGR at Royal College of Art) and Mrinali Alvarez-Astacio (PGR at Cambridge School of Art), will share their experience of visualizing research through their creative practice. Joshua Leon's work develops out of a combination of writing, exhibition making and performativity. At the heart of this practice is in-depth research into lament, which he uses to develop a methodology, that contains a network of complex questions, for producing work. As the heart of this methodology, Leon initiates works that are made in-continuum and in-situ. These concepts bind the notion of a practice produced live and in real time, during which the excesses and detritus of forms and materials are then collected, re-organised and carried through the work as a record of past events and moments, whilst also constantly specifying both contemporary and historical sites as well as the site where the work is taking place.

Mrinali Alvarez-Astacio is a PhD candidate in children books illustration, and will discuss ‘Point of View’, an illustrated story that serves as a visual metaphor for the application of the art practice of illustration as a method of research. This includes the position of the researcher within or outside the research, in relation to research mapping and journey. ‘Through the visual narrative format, I explain my research process, and apply my practice as an illustrator to the solution of the queries that present themselves during the studio practice research.’

This is part of the PGRs forum series at the Cambridge School of Art. The series aims at opening up the conversation about creative practice research methodologies: how these rise from practice, are applied, and/or lead to interdisciplinary approaches. Through examples of research projects the sessions will raise questions, give new ideas, or highlight problematic instances of the research journey.

Image credit ©Joshua Leon

Image credit ©Joshua Leon
Image credit ©Joshua Leon

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