Visual Research Practices Lunch Lecture: Rebecca Hearle- Methodology, theory, and life maintenance.

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26 October 2021, 13:00

In this talk PhD student Rebecca aims to unpick the interrelation in her art practice between methodology, theory and the other things she does. An artist’s methodology and the theory that supports their work is usually presented as an accomplished fact.

In Rebecca’s own practice, the development of methodologies and the adoption of theories has not been a straightforward path, she has frequently asked herself how does she know what is method, or supporting theory and what is just life maintenance?  Rebecca’s research, using herself as subject, examines how she has formed a connection to landscape and how that relationship has developed greater meaning than a simple liking for place or a subject to make work about. Rebecca’s practice has evolved from making landscape prints in a traditional way to making site-specific installations of printed work. Initial investigations always start with the body in landscape, sometimes employing ritual actions; combining images and mapping, original and found text, Rebecca’s work is often resolved as books or narrative holding structures.

Rebecca is an PGR artist researcher in her fourth year of study at Cambridge School of Art. She graduated with an MA Printmaking in 2014 from CSA and a BA Graphic Design from NSAD in 1998.

Rebeca has shown work at Cley contemporary Art in 2015 and 2018; Art Language Location, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, 2015; multiple exhibitions with the Norwich Print Fair; Originals 10, Mall Galleries London and Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art. Rebecca has facilitated workshops for Connect, at the Red Barn Gallery King’s Lynn 2019, and for Scars of War, commemorating WWI in 2018. She was also the recipient of the Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship in 2013.

Smultronstalle (The Blue Book) Skybathing page.
Smultronstalle (The Blue Book) Skybathing page.

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