Fine Art Research Unit (FARU) Talk: Rosanna Greaves

Events — Public Talk COS 124 & Microsoft Teams
9 March 2022, 14:00

Rosanna will present her recent research, focusing on her film, The Flaming Rage of The Sea, and associated curated exhibition, Liquid Land, 2018. Both were supported by Arts Council England and commissioned by Debating Natures Value Network, an academic network that explores the concept of ‘natural capital’, the idea that nature should be conceived of as a form of capital and valued in monetary terms. Rosanna’s poetic film explores the constructed landscape of Cambridgeshire Fenlands a region below sea level, and offers alternative relational value systems to those driven by financial imperatives, through the embodied experience of landscape.

Rosanna Greaves is an artist, curator and senior lecturer in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. She received an AHRC funded research Masters in Fine Art at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London in 2012. Recent exhibitions include; Minerva’s Cave, London, 2021, The Window Project, Cambridge, 2020, The Cambridge Show, Kettles Yard, Cambridge, 2019, The Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge 2019, Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2019, Dumbo Film Festival, New York, 2019, (awarded Certificate Excellence for Best Experimental Film.) Aesthethica Film Festival, York, 2018, Liquid Land, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, 2018 (Curator and exhibitor). Art Language Location, Cambridge, 2017. Heavy Sentience, Block 336, London 2014 (Curator and exhibitor).

Image Still from Flaming Rage of the Sea 2018
Image Still from Flaming Rage of the Sea 2018

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