Sensing the Pandemic Symposium - Day 2

Events — Symposium ZOOM
9 December 2021, 10:00

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on experiences of daily life. On an intimate and bodily level, our sense of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste have been impacted, and our sensory landscapes have been transformed and reorganised. From visions of empty cities, the touch hunger of lockdowns, the smell of hand sanitizer, taste of sourdough to the sounds of the domestic, the pandemic has come with sensory revolutions, accelerations and inequalities. This two ‘half-day’ symposium aims to explore the impact of the pandemic on the senses sensescapes in Australia and the U.K.

The symposium will be held via zoom over two consecutive weeks:

Thursday 2nd December 8:00-10:00 GMT and 19:00-21:00 AEDT

Thursday 9th December 8:00-10:00 GMT and 19:00-21:00 AEDT

A Zoom link will be distributed the day before each session is due to take place.

Please note that this event will be held in “meeting” format and will be recorded and uploaded at a later date to the website


DAY 1: Thursday 2nd December

8:00-8:15 GMT/ 19:00-19:15 AEDT: Brief introduction

William Tullett and Hannah McCann.

8:15-9:00 GMT/ 19:15-20:00 AEDT: Panel 1 Taste and Smell

(15 minute talks followed by discussion)

Claudia Liebelt, Free University Berlin.

Komal Bhatia , University College London.

9:00-9:10 GMT/ 20:00-20:10 AEDT: Comfort break

9:10-9:55 GMT/ 20:10-20:55 AEDT: Panel 2 Sound and Vision

(15 minute talks followed by discussion)

Murray Parker, Charles Sturt University.

Ana Delicado, Universidade de Lisboa.

9:55-10:00 GMT/ 20:55-21:00 AEDT: Brief wrap up

William Tullett and Hannah McCann.


DAY 2: Thursday 9th December

8:00-8:10 GMT/ 19:00-19:10 AEDT: Brief re-introduction

William Tullett and Hannah McCann.

8:10-8:55 GMT/ 19:10-19:55 AEDT: Panel 3 Touch

(15 minute talks followed by discussion)

Isobel Sigley, Loughborough University.

Ash Watson, University of New South Wales.

8:55-9:05 GMT/ 19:55-20:05 AEDT: Comfort break.

9:05-10:00 GMT/ 20:05-21:00 AEDT: Plenary panel. The future of the senses after the pandemic.

(10 minute think-piece talks followed by discussion)

Ally Louks, University of Cambridge

Kate Herrity, University of Cambridge

Marianne Clark, University of New South Wales

Pandemic Sensory Archive.
Pandemic Sensory Archive.