StoryLab's Creative Practice Event Series: Covid Through a Creative Lens

Events — Public Webinar Online
9 March 2021, 17:30

How have healthcare workers used creative expression to make meaning of their worlds? One year after the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic, StoryLab Researchat Anglia Ruskin University will present their creative collaboration with some of the health care professionals (HCPs) who have been on the frontline these past 12 months. We will show an excerpt of our latest documentary film project which grew out of “The Frontline” archive started in April 2020 as a tool to document and preserve the experiences of HCPs. Wewill discuss howcreative expression helped HCPs find meaning in their experiences and the experiences of their peers, and how their creative workofferedthe public a deeperinsight into the pandemic. We will be joined by some of our HCP collaborators on the film and find out why they chose to document their professional and personal experiences of the pandemic through various creative media (photography, text, artwork).

A staff member pictured wearing a face mask.
Covid Through a Creative Lens

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