Talk and Q&A with a Literary Agent - Stevie Finegan

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23 March 2021, 18:00

All writers hear "You need an agent", but they're not always sure what agents do. And if you are interested in the publishing industry, what's the path to becoming an agent? Join Stevie Finegan for an hour-long talk during which she'll discuss what the job entails, how to approach an agent, and what to expect form the relationship.

Stevie Finegan joined the Zeno Literary Agency at the beginning of 2020, after time served working for science fiction and fantasy imprint Gollancz, adult non-fiction publisher Icon, and almost every Waterstones bookshop London has to offer. At degree level she specialised in children’s literature with a dissertation debating what Young Adult fiction actually is. All of the above strongly influenced the kind of books she now works on, and she is particularly interested in narratives that explore marginalised experiences including writing from queer authors, bipoc authors, disabled authors and books that explore struggles with mental health.

A headshot photo of ​​​​​​​Literary Agent Stevie Finegan
A headshot photo of ​​​​​​​Literary Agent Stevie Finegan

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