Talk by Dr Agnes Kory on OMIKE's cultural defence action to support Hungarian Jewish artists during 1939-44

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25 January 2023, 18:30

In summer 2022, a bust of Admiral Horthy was placed in an official room at the Hungarian parliament. Several Hungarian politicians emphasised that Horthy’s government achieved economic and cultural successes which should be duly honoured.Here the astonishing cultural work of OMIKE supporting Jewish artists during 1939-44, during the last years of the Horthy period, is examined.

Hungarian Jewish laws prevented Jewish artists from fully participating in Hungary’s cultural life. OMIKE responded with an organisation which provided Jewish artists with work and, at the same time, achieved outstanding artistic qualities. OMIKE not only safeguarded Jewish artists but, ironically, it also contributed to Hungarian cultural life from which Jews were excluded during the period.


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Poster for Teams Talk by Dr Agnes Kory

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