'The Essentials' - 5 Steps Towards a Professional Art Practice with Artist Mentor and Curator Matt Roberts

Events — Public Talk Microsoft Teams
2 March 2021, 12:00

In ‘The Essentials’ Matt Roberts' 2nd professional Practice talk, he will explain best practice in presenting your work and your ideas online and in communication with galleries and arts professionals. He will explain the five essential elements that will allow you to be seen in a professional light and increase your chances of audience engagement, exhibition offers, and sales including best practice in: 1. Artist’s Website design 2.Artist’s C.V writing 3. Artist's Statement 4.Mailings 5. Approach to Social Media.

Matt Roberts is a curator and art consultant with more than 15 year’s experience of artist’s professional development and exhibition management. He has worked in India, Israel, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as lecturing at various universities and institutions across the UK. He directed the Matt Roberts Arts, MRA project space in Vyner St, Hackney from 2008-13 and he has mentored or offered one-to-one support to over 1000 artists. He wrote a regular column for the Guardian Cultural professionals and has contributed critical writing to a-n, Axis, and Contemporary Magazine

Stylus on a graphics tablet
Stylus on a graphics tablet

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