HSS Research Seminar: The Reintegration of Shell-shocked Veterans throughout Interwar Britain and Australia.

Events — Talk Helmore 201 & Microsoft Teams
30 October 2023, 17:00

Research seminar delivered by Patrick Taylor, a PhD student in History at ARU. The seminar will draw on aspects of a wider research project, which examines the reintegration of shell-shocked veterans in Britain and Australia after the First World War.

The war saw mass citizen armies suffer from a wide range of psychological disorders due to the industrialised nature of modern warfare. Shell shock became one of the most widespread battlefield injuries during the war. It was recorded by the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) that ‘90,000 service personnel returned home with physical and mental disabilities. The British Army had also identified the return of approximately 80,000 young men suffering from shell shock. This project aims to bring to light the shared lives of the mentally disabled veterans and their families, who struggled with the consequences of their loved one’s disablement after the War.

Refreshments will be served from 4.30pm.

Image of World War One combat
Image of World War One combat

Event contact: Jeannette Baxter and Melanie Bell: HSSresearch@aru.ac.uk