"Beautiful Hungary, Nature, Jazz - The Secret Life of the Professor as an Enthusiast Photographer"

Events — Online Talk ZOOM
16 May 2022, 18:30

ZOOM talk with photographs and videos by Professor György Szönyi.

György Szönyi is Professor Emeritus of the University of Szeged and CEU, Budapest. He has been shooting pictures since his childhood, originally indoctrinated by his father, an enthusiast amateur. Since 1993 Szönyi has been combining photos and videos, developing mainly educational materials as well as travel documentaries. During the last decade he has devoted himself more and more seriously to visual content creation, opening his YouTube channel in 2017.

One of his main passions is picturing jazz musicians; with such photos he had individual exhibitions among others in the Szeged Youth Culture House (2019), the Budapest Jazz Club (2021), and the Grand Café Club of Szeged (2021). He also had three more individual exhibitions at CEU, Budapest (2014), and the Szeged Novotel (2012, 2015).

For this talk he will show pictures as well as some short videos presenting the natural and art historical beauties of Hungary.

Professor György Szönyi with camera.
A headshot photo of Dr Ágnes Beretzky.

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