The Theory of Relativity

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30 April 2021, 14:30

The Theory of Relativity - A musical performed by ARU's 1st year BA Musical Theatre students.

THEORY OF RELATIVITY: Numbers and Cast List

1. Person A – Nehemie Babadi, Maja Dembowska, Lee Hartley, Almu Iglesias Vazquez, Agatha Martin Jiminez, Marcia Motty Campos, Bela Pinto Rodrigues, Nikola Zarzycka

2. Relativity – full company

3. I’m Allergic to Cats - Claudio Lauria

4. Cake (1)* - Beatriz Correia Vasconcelos/ Chelsea Ducamp Santos

5. Pi (1) - Mackenzie Favell

6. The End of the Line* - Chloe Bray and Joanna Chodacka/Carmen da Silva Fernandes

7. Great Expectations - Amy Bateman, Brenda Polastri, and full company

8. Footprint – Jack Simons

9. Cake (2) - Ermis Tsakmakidis

10. Pi (2) - Mackenzie Favell

11. Lipstick* Ermis Tsakmakidis and Joana Rodrigues Teixeira/ Megan Smith-Canty

12. Apples and Oranges - Alexandru Alexandroaia and Lee Hartley

13. Me and Ricky* - Danielle Lee/Beth Walker with Hannah Adams, Aylin Okyay, and Tania Pereira Correia

14. Promise Me This - Raven Morrison-Cooper

15. Cake (3)* - Melissa Geals/Helen Penny

16. Julie’s Song - Annie Finnerty

17. Pi (3) - Mackenzie Favell

18. Relativity Reprise – Chloe, Bray, Annie Finnerty and Raven Morrison-Cooper

19. You Will Never Know - Leah Smith, Konstantine Deligiorgis, and full company

20. Person A Reprise – Elle Hutt

21. Manicure* - Josie Brown/Emily Rodrigues Vivas

22. Nothing Without You – full company

* indicates numbers with alternate casts

The company of ARU BA Musical Theatre, 1st Year:

Hannah Adams

Alexandru Alexandroaia

Nehemie Babadi

Amy Bateman

Chloe Bray

Josie Brown

Joanna Chodacka

Beatriz Correia Vasconcelos

Konstantine Deligiorgis

Maja Dembowska

Chelsea Ducamp Santos

Mackenzie Favell

Annie Finnerty

Melissa Geals

Lee Hartley

Elle Hutt

Almu Iglesias Vazquez

Claudio Lauria

Danielle Lee

Agatha Martin Jimenez

Raven Morrison-Cooper

Marcia Motty Campos

Aylin Okyay

Helen Penny

Tania Pereira Correia

Bela Pinto Rodrigues

Brenda Polastri

Joana Rodrigues Teixeira

Emily Rodrigues Vivas

Carmen da Silva Fernandes

Jack Simons

Leah Smith

Megan Smith-Canty

Julia Szewczyk

Ermis Tsakmakidis

Lilia Vasconcelos Lucas

Beth Walker

Nikola Zarzycka

Editors Glenn Criddle and John Renney

Musical Director Adam Gerber

Director Shaun Aquilina

A collage of still production shots.
A collage of still production shots.

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