How to Enjoy Experimental Film: Three Steps to the Avant-Garde

Events — Research Event Cos 117 - ARU Cambridge, East Road, CB1 1PT
16 February 2022, 14:30

The podcast How to Enjoy Experimental Film is an approachable user-guide to some of the most unusual and extraordinary moving image works ever created. Aiming at the newcomer to experimental films as much as those who love them already, the podcast features interviews with artist filmmakers, film experts and programmers to shine a light on some of the darkest corners of the cinematic landscape.

For this special event at ARU Dan Adams, the host of How to Enjoy Experimental Film, will be recording a new episode that concerns routes between avant-garde cinema and mainstream culture. The event will include a screening and discussion of films and videos including Norman McLaren’s Synchromy (1979), Bruce Conner’s Report (1967), The Duvet Brothers’ Virgin (1985) and music videos made for Sonic Youth and David Byrne.

The conversationalists for this event are Neil Henderson (Deputy Head for Film and Media at ARU) and Andrew Vallance (Associate Professor at the Arts University Bournemouth). Their discussion follows routes they recently traced in a conversation for the book Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema published by Contact in 2020. Details of a series of events accompanying Film Talks can be found on the Contact Screenings website.

Three Steps Image by Simon Payne.
Three Steps Image - grid containing four film image stills.

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