AHSS Lunchtime Research Webinar on Art, Sustainability and Place with Dr. Cologni, Neil Henderson and Jo Joelson

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9 December 2020, 12:30

Dr Elena Cologni
Senior Research Fellow in Art, CSA

Neil Henderson 
Deputy Head, Film and Media, Cambridge School of Creative Industries.

Dr. Jo Joelson
Programme Lead , MA Arts & Place, Dartington Arts School, London


Art, Sustainability and Place

Joelson’s recent research has been concerned with light. She states that ‘there are fundamental things driven on primal levels by light and our evolved biological relationship to light, the psychological and moral, political and cultural and its role in theorizing landscape and place: the ethics and aesthetics of light’. Henderson is drawn to locations where there is a natural protrusion, or human made cut/intervention in the landscape. These spaces have tended to be along the edges of the country; the Wash, the East Kent coast where landscapes are empty and these interventions are at their most visible.  It’s the negative space of sea/sky that becomes something to measure ‘place’ against. Cologni has been interested in ways in which we relate to place and devised dialogic strategies to activate shared experiences. Her dialogic sculptures are adopted in the caring-with approach to investigate place attachment as a social process, and as part of a wider geography of difference.


Jo Joelson is a London based artist, writer and researcher.  She was recently appointed Programme Lead for the new MA Arts & Place at Dartington Arts School. As Co-director of the art partnership London Fieldworks since 2000 she has created collaborative projects that respond to ecology as a complex inter-working of social, natural and technological worlds. Her recently authored Library of Light: encounters with artists and designers, was published by Lund Humphries (2019)

Neil Henderson is a practicing filmmaker. Screenings of his work have taken place at Tate Britain, as part of Assembly: A Survey of Artists’ Film and Video in Britain 2008–2013 (2014); Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, as part of the Drawing Towards Sound exhibition (2015); Microscope Gallery, New York (2015); Forumdoc Festival, Santa Efigênia, Brazil (2017); Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York (2017); 24th Media City Film Festival, Detroit/Windsor (2018) and Cinema Galeries, Brussels, Belgium as part of Cinema Parenthèse (2018). Henderson is Deputy Head, Film and Media, Cambridge School of Creative Industries.

Elena Cologni’s research manifest in sculptural props, experiential workshops, drawings used to activate shared experiences, most recently through the caring-with approach (2020). She has exhibited and performed at including: New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge (2017/18), Freud Museum, London (2018), MuseumsQuartier, Vienna (2016), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes (2012/13) Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2009), Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow (2008), GAMeC, Bergamo (2005), National Portrait Gallery (1999), Venice Biennale (1999). to emphasize the important of place attachment as a social process, and central for wellbeing. She is Senior Research Fellow at Cambridge School of Art. 

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