Together Culture: Business Unusual

Events — Together Culture, 5 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER
22 January 2024, 16:00 — 29 April 2024, 18:00
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Build Your Business for Sustainability, Community, and the Emergence of a Creative Economy

This Together Culture series will run from 22 January - 29 April 2024

Are you a changemaker and a rule breaker finding it bloody hard to break the mold of ‘business as usual’ in a system that isn’t designed to help you establish, scale, and sustain the work that makes your heart sing? Join the club. We’re here to help. Together we can and will develop and deliver new ways of understanding, developing, and delivering value.

How do you create an enterprise to be financially sustainable and deliver value equitably for people and for place? Together Culture’s founders, members, and friends who employ their creative drive through social entrepreneurialism (and have been on this journey for some time) have designed a series of hands-on workshops to share what we’ve learned, up your skills, and kickstart conversations for all participants to learn from one another.

Don’t expect to just be introduced to business theory in isolation. In each session, we’ll be weaving in provocations from historians, sociologists, and biologists to deepen critical social enterprise skills like situational analysis, eco-system thinking, and strategic decision making. We’re doing things differently because the creative economy is not just about changing our current systems - it’s about building new ones. Nor is it just arts and gaming, it’s about employing imagination to derive regenerative value (not just profit) from everything that we do.

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Who are these workshops for?

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur with a passion for making change happen?

Are you an established entrepreneur looking to develop or deepen your knowledge of codesign approaches and theories of change?

Are you a creative thinker who is keen to support the development of a more inclusive and equitable economy and willing to offer ideas and support to folks on the front lines of systems change and wanting to build your network?

Business Unusual is for you.

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