Festival of Performance - Unboxing

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4 June 2021, 18:00

It all began with a light-hearted zoom call between four best friends. Socialite Skyler is a girl on a mission to become the next biggest media influencer.  With a video idea in mind she invites  all of her best-friends along with You audience member to join her on a  call of Unboxing a set of online ordered Mystery Boxes. It is supposed to be a joyous night of entertainment, but nothing is promised. Do you dare to Unbox the Mystery?  

"Unboxing” is a short film with dark themes. Attention the following content is suited for audience members over the age limit of 18+ due to depiction of violence and use of strong language. 

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Unboxing event poster.
Unboxing event poster.

Event contact: mfg109@student.aru.ac.uk

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