Understanding Non-Violent ‘Extremisms’: Online Research and Responses in Post-Pandemic Times.

Events — Workshop Online
24 May 2023, 09:30

Building on massification, acceleration and offline spill over of misinformation and conspiratorial-based thinking during the pandemic, this one day workshop will bring together leading UK-based scholars and practitioners to consider the extent to which the Pandemic has been a ‘gamechanger’ for online narratives, recruitment patterns and radicalisation effects, when it comes to non-violent Islamist, far-right and environmental extremist organisations, and more broadly within the wider extremist milieu.

Through keynotes, roundtables and interactive Q&A sessions with key experts and thought-leaders, participants will learn about this changing landscape and importantly, how to deal with a dizzying array of extremist milieus and ideology.

This exciting workshop is part of a ground breaking Anglia Ruskin University, British Academy-funded, project, led by Dr Elisa Orofino, Dr William Allchorn and assisted by Emily Glynn.

Understanding Extremisms Event Flyer
Understanding Extremisms Event Flyer

Event contact: elisa.orofino@aru.ac.uk


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