Creative Writing PGR February Seminar

Cambridge Writing Centre —
27 February 2024, 18:00

The first session in the Spring 2024 series of creative writing research seminars. Location: LAB 220, ARU Cambridge campus. 6-8pm.

Teams link available for those who can’t attend in person (please email

This session will cover the following topics:

  • 'What is Creative Writing as Research?' with Dr Sarah Gibson Yates, Dr Timothy Jarvis, Dr Colette Paul and Dr Jon Stone, who will discuss perspectives on the above question and enjoy two of our creative writing PhD candidates talk about their work. An informal open ideas seminar aimed at sharing knowledge about the field and nurturing discussion around creative writing as practice and research.
  • 'Reflections in the Water: The Recontextualised Tragic Heroine', a paper by Gaia Lambert (PhD candidate).
  • 'Adventures in the Multiverse with Vincent Van Gogh', a paper Mike Gibas (PhD Candidate), who is writing a screenplay about the two men who created Marvel Comics: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.