19 May - 19 June

Secret Showcase

Our year in creativity

Secret, (adj): done, made or conducted without the knowledge of others. Showcase, (verb): to show the best qualities or parts of something.

For the last couple of years, our students have been working behind closed doors. Putting absolutely everything into writing, creating, making, performing and exploring, their practice has gone unseen – until now.

Now, we’re showcasing these secret works to the public (something we’ve not been able to do in a long time). Our series of events is all about uncovering the unexpected and celebrating the next generation of artists, writers, thinkers and creators. Scroll to explore...

Joe McCullagh on Ruskin Gallery Balcony

We are all very proud of the work on show. The featured creative work fully highlights our incredibly talented students. The work excites in its crafted output and in the diverse range of subjects and themes. What also excites is work that has a real social purpose both in its relevancy and impact.

Joe McCullagh on Ruskin Gallery Balcony Joe McCullagh Head of School Cambridge School of Art

A headshot photo of Fiona Cosson.

The Secret Showcase is a platform for the original and exciting work of our students to be seen, understood, and appreciated by a range of audiences, from industry to friends and family. It represents the finale of our students’ academic journey at ARU as they head towards their bright graduate futures.

A headshot photo of Fiona Cosson. Fiona Cosson Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Fei Nie

I want to use my designs to improve the relationship between the western citizens and Chinese people. This project will present the various minority groups in China to allow the audience to connect and learn about a variety of our traditions.

Fei Nie Fei Nie Student, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

A headshot photo of Josh Stevens behind a camera.

Studying at ARU seemed daunting at first - especially as a mature student. However, doing so taught me something more valuable than any textbook or lecture could: to have confidence in my creativity - no matter how bizarre it may be!

A headshot photo of Josh Stevens behind a camera. Josh A. Stevens Student, BA (Hons) Writing and Film

Sonya Mead

Studying at ARU has not only helped shape my visual language as an artist but has given me the essential tools and confidence to present myself to the creative industry.

Sonya Mead Sonya Mead Student, BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

A headshot photo of Ethan Dredge

The showcase is a fantastic opportunity to display my work alongside the many other amazingly talented people at ARU, and it is always exciting being able to share my illustrations like this!

A headshot photo of Ethan Dredge Ethan Dredge Student, BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

A photo of Agata Kazmierczak using a camera.

For me, film is a medium that is about finding new ways of telling a story, for example through sounds, colours or emotions. I always create with a message or a purpose, so I hope that by sharing my work I can raise awareness and show the world differently to more people.

A photo of Agata Kazmierczak using a camera. Agata Kazmierczak Student, BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

A head shot photo of Aidan McHugh

I believe games can be an expression of both technical prowess and artistic vision. ARU has taught me how to develop the best of both worlds and create unique videogames that present what matters to me.

A head shot photo of Aidan McHugh Aidan McHugh Student, BSc (Hons) Computer Gaming Technology

Ruta Stalmokaite

A showcase like this is a perfect place to explore other people’s points of view and inspirations. I am personally always inspired by my family. That is why I am sharing my grandparents’ story from the Soviet times in Lithuania.

Ruta Stalmokaite Ruta Stalmokaite Student, BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Luke James

I am excited for an opportunity to display my illustrations and to create something impressive and engaging with which people can interact that's captured my passion, enthusiasm and my sense of imagination and fun.

Luke James Luke James Student, BA (Hons) Illustration

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