Alanna Sloss


UMusic Poster with guitar player made from cut-up images
1 of 6 poster designs created for Universal Music’s “Umusic Autumn” event as part of a submission to D&AD New Blood competition

Hi! I’m Alanna, I’m an illustrator from Northern Ireland.

I have always loved experimenting with what illustration can be and pushing the boundaries to see my work grow. With a varied set of interests that influence my work and constant playfulness with different media, it has resulted in the ability to translate complex ideas into captivating imagery and breathe life into artistic concepts with my versatile visual language. I especially have fun working with colour and making illustration move with animation techniques.

I have a background in many areas such as animation, graphic design, textiles, photography, fine art, printmaking, and ceramics. Now I like to use my knowledge in these areas to play and experiment and I use a range of digital and analogue techniques. My work is influenced by my many interests such as music, tattoos, irish folklore, fashion and history.

My final project included a range of projects. My first project was an editorial illustration concept for a Science daily article. I then moved onto creating work for D&AD new blood competition. I chose to work with the Universal Music brief which involved creating a range of promotional material for their Umusic Autumn event.

This project was a learning curve for me as I chose a technique I was not the most confident in but resulted in some of my best work this year. I also created a book cover design concept for Atomic Habits by James Clear for Penguins’ book cover competition. I challenged myself with this project by using 3D techniques and using my photography and graphic design skills. I then wanted to challenge myself to create a packaging design concept which I had not quite attempted before. My design was created using printmaking techniques and graphic design methods.

UMusic poster with vocalist made from cut-up images
1 of 6 poster designs created for Universal Music’s “Umusic Autumn” event as part of a submission to D&AD New Blood competition
Illustration of woman in water holding bed with figure wielding sword
A speculative editorial illustration created for the online article by Science Daily “How our dreams prepare us to face our fears”.
Book cover with arm reaching across backsleeve to front, building title from letter blocks
A book cover concept for Atomic Habits by James Clear created as a submission to Penguin’s book cover competition.
Four pink bottles with Crazy Color design
A packaging design concept for Crazy Color hair dye.
Five ceramic goddess dolls
A ceramic sculpture project inspired by historical goddess doll concepts. Each of these dolls depicts a deity that represents different earthly treasures such as sea, sky, harvest, motherhood, land and trees.
Four designs for punk music stamps
Postage stamp designs portraying black artists in the punk music scene.
Woodcut with illustrations of two plants applied to two arms
1 of 4 illustrations inspired by traditional Irish folk remedies and medicines.