Alex Tiffin


Photo of man lying down and holding flowering plant in mouth
Stage 1

I have always been Into art since a very young age. From drawing to painting up to GCSE and A-Level and eventually leading into photography when they crossed paths, and I never turned back.

Since then, I have always aimed to engage in projects that are different - reaching out into new subjects, topics and genres and experimenting with the boundaries of photography; what can be within the images themselves. Engaging in different genres and movements of photography that best expresses the project in that current moment.

Surrealism has been my primary source of inspiration, igniting my passion for photography. Throughout my journey as an artist and photographer, I've delved into both postproduction techniques and composition, exploring the realm of surreal photography. Surrealism offers a glimpse into the creative psyche, projecting and translating into the worlds and artworks that artists, including myself, create. My aim is to infuse my emotions, thoughts, and opinions into my pieces, prompting viewers to engage with them on an emotional level or to contemplate the narratives presented.

My work revolves around a process of introspection, utilizing my body as a vessel to explore themes of decay and mortality. As a means of coming to terms with my own fear and obsession with death. Shooting the series in the familiarity of my room provided both physical comfort and a sense of mental security, enabling me to delve deeply into these intimate subjects. In post-production, I adopted a minimalist approach, concentrating on subtle adjustments such as exposure, highlights, and colour enhancements.

By saturating my body with colour, I aimed to evoke a post-mortem aesthetic, while simultaneously enhancing the vibrancy and emphasising the symbolism of the flowers to create a striking contrast.

Through this visual juxtaposition, I sought to convey a profound and unsettling beauty, challenging conventional notions of aesthetics, fragility, and impermanence of life. Ultimately, my work serves as a meditation on the intricate interplay and between life and death, evoking a grotesque, twisted sense of beauty. I invite viewers to confront their own mortality and contemplate the transient nature of existence.

What came to pass was a series of images depicting an entity traversing within an abyss passing through a continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

Photo of man holding flowering plant in mouth
Stage 2
Photo of naked man curled up and holding flowering plant
Stage 3
Photo of hand extending from soil and holding flowering plant
Stage 4
Photo of hand extending from soil and holding flowering plant
Stage 5