Alexandra Pantovich

Fashion Design

Young woman in doorway of telephone box

As an aspiring fashion designer, I have a keen focus on print and styling. My studies at Anglia Ruskin University have enabled me to delve into various roles within the industry and discover my passion. Utilising digital design tools and facilities has been instrumental in expressing my creativity and expanding my expertise.

During my course, I thoroughly enjoyed infusing my unique style into projects and experimenting with various fashion techniques. This experience has not only boosted my self-confidence but also fuelled my passion for design. Drawing inspiration from storytelling and a deep appreciation for history, has consistently influenced my creative process. Designing my own collection in my final year has been immensely gratifying, witnessing my designs materialise with my distinct vision and fashion sensibility.

This collection, "Pretty Grrls," is essentially inspired by a feminist movement and my personal connection to the strong women in my family and friends whom I've always admired.

The Riot Grrrl feminist movement emerged from feminist punk rock bands in the 1990s. Women expressed feminist ideals opposing a patriarchal society, challenging conventional feminine norms, and sparking a rebellion. In particular, the fashion of these punk rock bands featured women dressed in very feminine, delicate clothing, which contrasted sharply with their performances. Drawing from this, I crafted a women's collection with masculine structures, juxtaposed with beautiful, vintage feminine prints such as brooches and cameos.

Drawing inspiration from Courtney Love, one of the iconic female rockers of the 90s and partner to Kurt Cobain, I incorporated her popular image for styling with a grunge rebellious aesthetic. I collected brooches second-hand, as well as personal pieces passed down from my mother, grandmother, and great auntie, to add a touch of authenticity to the

Incorporating the details of historical female figure Queen Elizabeth I, renowned for her influential reign over England in the 1600s and her significant fashion presence, has infuse my garments with a rich narrative. Drawing inspiration from the intricate details of her dresses, I have reinterpreted them through printed motifs on my garments. This approach
not only added depth and sophistication to my designs but also allows wearers to connect with the elegance and power associated with this revered historical figure. Through the incorporation of jewellery accents, these prints serve as a visual representation of unity and mutual support among women, conveying a potent message of solidarity.

Four photos of female model wearing dotted clothing
PRETTY GRRLS Look 3 Contact Sheet
Two photos of young woman wearing leather and textile trouser outfit on street
PRETTY GRRLS Look 4 Portfolio
Photo of young woman crouching down in ornate leather jacket
PRETTY GRRLS Film Camera Shot
Inspirational montage of photos and design elements
PRETTY GRRLS Shape & Line Mood Board
Illustration of five women wearing different black and gold outfit designs
PRETTY GRRLS Portfolio Fashion Illustration