Alice Dickens


Photo of young woman in row boat on river at sunset

Hi, I’m Alice, a rowing athlete with a passion for photography. I’ve spent a few years building up the ability and time to embark on a rowing project, but I felt my final year of study was the perfect time to start. I’ve gone from close-up nature photography to sports photography and moving image content. I’ve always wanted to incorporate both of my passions so I’m really happy with my outcome and look forward to experiencing and working within this field of photography in the future.

My project is about the sport of rowing. Cambridge is a very busy hub for the sport as it’s home to many boat clubs both college/university and town clubs. I found that not many people outside the sport actually know or recognise what happens inside the boat and behind the scenes with training, so I wanted to showcase my experience of this in Cambridge.

Photo of people carrying canoe in boatshed
Photo of young man taking photo of common on icy morning
Photo of canoe tip on river at sunset
Black-and-white photo of canoes and cycles in shed