Alice Gaspar

Fine Art

Photo of woman washing hair in shower

My work explores themes of human behaviour and the relationship between art, life, and the interaction of the viewer, challenging the boundaries between public and private spaces and the activities that are caried out within these different realms. Positioning the viewer as co-creator and using sensory immersion I try to create a relationship between the audience and the piece with the goal of locating them in the narrative.

Intimacy, domesticity, and the ordinary are key words to my art intending to make the audience question these words and their limitations, becoming an equal element co-existing within the work. Utilising multidisciplinary media including performance and video I use myself and my body as a primary tool allowing for my dual role as the artist and artwork internalising the process in order for the artwork to reside within me and the relational space with the audience as opposed to an external object.